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Punjab Skills Vocational Council

Chairman Message

Punjab skill vocational council government of PAKISTAN is register under the act of 1961 and since 1991 it is providing Its services in PAKISTAN and other countries in the professional and vocational educational field.

In the changing scenario of The world, where skill and professionalism means alot , where government of PAKISTAN stands at center of focus not only CPEC but also for the entire world. In such circumstances, the ongoing development projects require profession hands for diverse fields. Keeping in view the needs of the current situation, PSVC comes ahead to provide its services to unemployed (low educated, highly educated) passion in different professional fields. The establishment committee of PSVC constitutes experienced, eligible and trained faculty who have diverse knowledge in their relative fields.

PSVC gains his professional guide line from the experienced professionalilies of the renounced universities /colleges of the development world, so that the people of PAKISTAN may acquire the knowledge of international standard in minimum cost. That’s the reason our institution have more than 33000 passion of different fields among them more than 16000 people serving within the country more to say 2500 are earning handsome income in other foreign countries. That is why the diplomas and certificate are not only recognized in PAKISTAN but also internationally. Our mission is to produced skilled passion and not educated unemployed. We prepare intellectuals to support themselves but also for the state. It is our firm believe that a professional skilled passion can’t be unplowed as our welfare program provides skilled passion to all government and private sector institutes in cities and in the villages as well.

Punjab Skill Vocational Council

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